Commercial Vehicle Safety Online Training for Truck Drivers and Fleet Managers

We are proud to present our Professional Truck Driver Series. This series features interactive training systems specifically tailored to the trucking industry. We’ve combined over 30 years of truck accident investigation experience with our renowned computer graphics and our signature storytelling to produce programs that help people understand why safety is important.

Fleet Managers and Truck Drivers, get the training you need!

Fay University training will help you:
  • Lower driver turnover and reduce fatigue related accidents on the road
  • Avoid fines and citations from improper record keeping
  • Lower maintenance costs from unsafe and abusive driving patterns
  • Lower insurance rates for safer driving practices
  • Increase the bottom line with higher driver productivity
  • Minimize the chances of having operations rescinded
  • Increase return on investment and net asset value of the company
  • Reduce operator error keeping accident rates low

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Hours of Service: Daily and Weekly Work Regulations
The Daily Vehicle Inspection
Cargo Securement for Commercial Motor Vehicles
Powered Industrial Lift Truck Operations
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