Why Attorneys Need Trucker Training

The commercial transportation industry experiences a substantial litigation caseload every year. Attorneys who become involved in truck lawsuits need to understand trucks and their components in order to provide competent service to their clients. The trucking industry itself has multiple education providers that train truck drivers about trucks, but this training falls short of what an attorney needs to know. This university bridges the gap between truck driver training and attorney training. The training content is the same material given to truck drivers, but with additional references built-in to connect the trainer’s words with the Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 393 and 396. Each video page contains a set of reference links that enable the student to read the exact wording of the law pertinent to the subject at hand. For example, the “Brake Inspection” chapter of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety: Regulations & Daily Inspection course contains a video entitled “Drive Axle” which covers the inspection of the parking brake. The 49 CFR References section contains the text of FMCSR Part 393-Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation, part §393.41 Parking brake system. While a truck driver will need to know the inspection requirement of the parking brake, the lawyer who has a case involving parking brake failure will want to know the exact rule that governs this equipment. Our training courses are the perfect blend of operator training and FMCSR references. By taking these courses, attorneys increase their knowledge of the transportation industry.

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